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New Business Endeavor Aspirations

Have you seen the movie "Field of Dreams" ? I have also seen my own fantasy baseball field built in a cornfield. It is not easy to describe to others, and I still half doubt it myself, but I had a revelation of sorts on a theme that I feel is worth spending the next 10 years of my life on.

A decade ago I came up with the axis line of media - economy/management - technology. Now I have discovered the axis line of brand - IT - (religion) sociology. The first axis promoted computerization and the rapid advancement of industry. However, I feel that in the process we lost sight of the social capital that we had developed over time, along with shared values and trust in each other. It may be simply that honest government and religion were chipped away at enough that they lost their grounding influence.

Since ancient times, human beings have played games that depend on confidence in each another as team players. That confidence comes from dedication, creativity, courage, an aspiration for glory, autonomy and self-control, awareness of standards, and leadership. In this age of Internet currency (stocks), we may need to find others with whom we can trade in "the currency of virtue" which money cannot replace.

The "edge of chaos", where spontaneity and innovation occur, in this case exists neither inherently within the corporate brand nor on the path leading outward from it, but on the very edge where unapologetic ability is applied. To correctly discover the exact boundaries of the edge requires the ability to protect the brand and expand its horizons. Particularly with the direct financing systems that are coming into play, this is the very function that business executives must execute.

After collaborative groupings such as the Keidanren (Federation of Economic Organizations) and factions within companies collapse, many Japanese business executives may very well be left out of the information loop, and experience ostracism within their companies. Even in terms of their management skills or as a community that maintains self-control and keeps to the rules, I have seen the fragility of the environment in which they must try to function.

I would like to add a rational doctrine to the axis line of brand - IT - (religion) sociology so as to form a new community that trades in "the currency of virtue". In this way I hope to heal the loneliness of brand executives, and give them work that builds on their ability.

I believe my calling is to pursue the concept of "Surprising yet right", inspired by my close friend Mr. Oka. I aim to work with business executives and others to build this kind of community irrespective of industry--creative firms, consulting firms, accounting firms, investment firms; as well as architects, researchers, young venture capitalists, psychiatrists and sports doctors, artists and art dealers. This inexplicable critical attention to issues that I have is my present "field of dreams". The better able I am to discern and identify these issues clearly, surely the more successful my efforts will be. In any case, I shall apply my aesthetics at Dentsu up until September 30th. Then, starting October 1st I will concentrate on the ideas I have described above, and begin to take action. I also plan to extend my experience overseas and deepen friendships as I begin in these new business endeavors.

Nozomu Yoshida
4-1-18 Shiroyama MT Court 1001 Kamiya-cho Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0001
Tel.813-5777-6451 Fax 813-5777-6452

What is

  1. is a black box " that never tells a lie ", that searches out " surprising, yet right solution " . It dwells in chaos between Concept and Practice, Science and Excitement, Ideal and Reality, Right Brain and Left Brain, Technology and Art.
  2. fs clients are companies, brands, and people (managers, content fabricators, brand managers, etc. If they are at the same level, displays its best abilities.
  3. improves the process of self-expression, self-realization, and self-evaluation of clients (companies, brands, people) and brings brands and brands managers Virtu (power and ability).
  4. is not a consultant. It may be the consultant for consultants. finds the best people for problem solutions and reconstructs the underlying structures of the solutions they find. It acts as a mediator to maintain the best relationship between a consultant and a client.
  5. wishes to learn new information on capital markets, organizations and motivation, creativity, media and technology, and the Virtu (power and ability) of future managers, together with its clients such as managers, content fabricators, brand managers, people who act as consultants in their companies, consulting companies, investment banks, and creators.
  6. believes there are often many outstanding consultants in a big company, in particular, in the client companies. It will find them and protect them from factors that prevent them from fully using their abilities, such as an organization, unfortunate circumstances, a dependent relationship with a particular manager, jealousy, excessive competition in their own companies, or problems inherent to a Japanese company, and increase their Virtu (power and abilities).
  7. will select Virtu of its clients:
    (a) A person who we know by intuition, who has honesty.
    (b) A person who expects a right solution, even if it's a surprise.
    (c) A person who has a wide range of good and evil, and eventually selects good.
    (d) A person who can convince the organization that service is not for an entire organization but for an individual, etc.
  8. is also a research system. A research theme is a change in a sense of value in Japanese society, Japanese companies, and the Japanese people, brought about by the internet, direct financial business, and globalization, as well as the reconstruction of social foundations such as new politics, religion, etc., of the 21st century.
  9. prefers solutions that require minimum secrecy agreements. Surprising is surprising only when it is openly spread. It wants you to understand that it is the reliable relations between and its client that lead to problem solutions.
  10. will start to work only after it carefully considers what it can offer and whether it can play its role on a full-scale.

Who is Yoshida Nozomu?

Dec. 1956
Born in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo.
Mar. 1980
Graduates in Mathematical Engineering,Tokyo University.
Apr. 1980
Joins Dentsu Inc. Apr. 1981 Wins the Japan Display Awards Display Design Incentive Award.
Apr. 1984
Joins the Radio and TV Division.
Apr. 1986
Enrolls in Keio Business School under Dentsu's in-house study program.
Mar. 1988
Graduates with an MBA first in his class.
Jul. 1989
Is seconded to the Dentsu Institute for Human Studies (DIHS).
Jul. 1997
Is appointed Senior Manager, Media Research and Consulting, DIHS.
Mar. 2000
Becomes Executive Director of
Sep. 2000
Leaves Dentsu and Become independent
Sep. 2000
Establish Represents (media and brand consulting)
Jan. 2002
Establish concent Inc. (information architect and web production)
Jan. 2004
Becomes Auditor of Skymark Airlines Inc.
Jun. 2004
Establish and Represents (fee based account planning and creative production)
Jun. 2004
Becoms outside director Skyperfect Communications Inc.

Publications and principal writing

Information Media White Paper. DIHS, 1993-96
The Reality of Multimedia Society. Seisansei Publishing, 1994.
Robinson Crusoe in the Information Age. Japanese Currents. DIHS, 1995.
Grand Forecast for the info-media world (co-author). DIHS, 1997.
Grand Predictions for the 21st Century (co-author). Shueisha Paperbacks Edition.
The Broadcasting Economy (co-author). Chuoukeizai- Publishing, 2000.
Brand (co-author) Senden-Kaigi 2002.
Information and Economy System (co-author). NTT- Publishing, 2003.
Brand II (co-author) Senden-Kaigi 2004.
To Whom does Corporate belongs? Shincho-sha 2005.

Work on Government Councils

Expert Adviser on Information Services, Price Structure Policy Council, Economic Planning Agency.
Expert Adviser, Communications Committee, Postal Service Council.
Member, Next-Generation Broadcast Content Deliberative Committee, Broadcasting Bureau, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.


    1996-98 Lecturer, Sophia University.
    1995- Lecturer, Waseda University.
    2005- Lecturer, Keio University.
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